Leading business schools, along with traditional ones, offer new programs aimed at gaining knowledge about key business areas. Among them, a deep study of finance, investment, marketing and business creation from scratch. Executive MBA and International MBA courses are becoming increasingly important.

Writing an MBA essay on the proposed topic is mandatory for all applicants to the MBA. This is one of the three components, the results of which make a decision on enrollment or refusal. MBA essay plays a very important role. You can show your own individuality, originality, ingenuity of thinking and other qualities that are valued in such schools. According to statistics, only 15% of essays immediately open the way to a business school. 75% require clarification, and the remaining 10% are for refusal. Therefore, the question of enrolling in a business school directly depends on a skillfully written MBA essay. Let’s consider the 5 basic mistakes that admit applicants when writing an MBA essay.

Mistake number 1: unexciting presentation of information.

For your MBA essay writing, do not look for information on the Internet or library. It is enough to analyze your own life, find vivid examples and stories from it, tell about them beautifully, mentioning your own doubts, feelings, thoughts. If the situation was difficult, describe how a way out was found. To do this, you need to analyze your experience, listen to your heart, turn to your own memory.

Emphasize your peculiarity, indicate that the dream of getting an MBA education is not groundless, but a logical continuation of existing experience. However, don’t only describe interesting stories and situations without characterizing your own mental and emotional process, without carrying out self-analysis. Such an essay will be superficial and uninteresting.

Mistake number 2: the use of slang expressions.

Your MBA essay should be written in an interesting, bright language that conveys the colors of everything that is written. However, the worst mistake would be the use of slang expressions. Avoid these words, even if you use them in your everyday life. They will not emphasize your peculiarity or individuality, but only harm. No slang expressions, even industry ones, are allowed.

Use professionalism only if it is very necessary. However, be careful with them. Before writing these words in the text, consider whether they bring clarity and do not confuse the reader.

Mistake number 3: baseless loud statements.

It is not necessary to write in your MBA essay loud statements. Any statement should be reasoned, illustrated with examples from life, professional experience.

For example, a candidate writes that he/she should study in the MBA program. He/she can’t leave this sentence unchanged. He/she should explain: how did the understanding of this come to him/her? How did he/she understand that this was necessary? Why does he/she feel this need? That is, it is worth writing more details.

Mistake number 4: whining.

In the process of MBA essay writing it is important to remember that you are an adult, not a child. Therefore, do not complain, do not whine, do not carry negative. Point out your weaknesses, but present them as advantages. If there was a negative experience, tell what you’ve learned. If you have a low average mark in the diploma, take responsibility for it. And move on.

Mistake number 5: typos.

Typos are the most common mistake in MBA essay. It is surprising that they can be corrected by simply checking the writing. But only a few do it.

After writing your MBA essay, reread it again. Correct errors, typos, inaccuracies, correctly place punctuation marks. If in doubt, re-read what is written out loud, it can help resolve doubts. Only then send the work.

Remember that typos, mistakes, as well as careless design of the essay bear a negative connotation. They are able to cast a shadow even on the most interesting, vivid MBA essay and create doubts about your candidacy at the admissions officers. Respect yourself and those who will read your essay.

When preparing to join a business school, many applicants seek professional MBA essay help in MBA essay writing services. The work of such MBA essay writing services is based on an individual approach to the client, which helps to create a quality MBA essay for you. Experienced specialists will help to reveal your individuality, select the best examples and life stories that can distinguish you from the whole array of candidates.

So, be yourself, do not be afraid, follow the basic rules of MBA essay writing, and all you must succeed!