Nowadays it’s quite easy to get a perfectly written essay in a couple of days with so many useful essay writing sites being created throughout the Internet. These sites are aimed mostly at students who do want to receive the highest mark for a work but don’t want to go deep into a theme. Now let’s trace the main reasons why the majority of students prefer using different helpful essay writing services to working on their essay by themselves.

Key reasons for these services’ popularity

  1. You’re totally short of time

Some students have to combine work with study, others are so bombarded with various tasks and projects which are required either to get a credit or to pass an exam that they simply can’t handle them all! In such cases, an essay writing service is a real way out that provides students with high-quality work in a required time.

  1. It’s all about talent

It’s naturally that not all of us have a talent for creating an essay that would be capable of impressing people from the start. That’s why it’s easier and more efficient to ask for a professional help that to torture oneself with an unaccomplished task.

  1. Laziness is to blame

Sometimes such days when you’re stuck and can’t force any words out on a paper come. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an unforgivably lazy and unfocused person. Sometimes it’s not your day or you’re reluctant to deepen into an uninteresting theme. Luckily, there’re a lot of helpful services where you can get a qualified help.

  1. The lack of a necessary writing skill

To write a really good essay isn’t a piece of cake! To do so, you should not only be skilled at it, but you also have to know all ins and outs of essay writing work. In other words, your final work must meet all the necessary requirements, and there’s a great deal of them! So, if you’re not 100% sure of your skills, you’d better find some trustworthy site and a qualified person who will write a persuasive essay.

Now that you’ve decided to use an essay writing service, you have to decide which one you can rely on.

5 tips on how to choose the right site

  1. Privacy policy

The first step is to make sure that the chosen site can guarantee you the complete anonymity. This should be discussed before making an order.

  1. 100% quality of a final product

If you’re using this site for the first time and you still doubt the quality of it, of course, there come the questions: Should I trust it? How can I test it? The thing is that each site has comments left by previous users below. What you should do is to look through the written comments and make your choice.

  1. Make sure your work is unique

It goes beyond the question that your essay should be written from scratch and according to all the requirements you’ve provided. Remember that you’re in right to demand to test your work for a level of plagiarism. If the result doesn’t satisfy you, you must ask to revise it and fix it.

  1. What about terms and pay?

These issues should also be agreed on in the beginning. As normal, an essay should be written within several days. You can pay either at the beginning or after the work is done. If a writer has failed to do it in time, you have the right to choose another author without paying for an unfinished work.

  1. Make sure there’s a formal agreement

Before making an order you have to ask whether they provide a formal contract between a client and a writer. If it turns out that there’s no formal agreement, you’d better search for another service to avoid the risk of being deceived.

  1. Keep in touch with an author

When you’ve made a contract with a site ask for personal contacts of a writer who is going to take your order. As a rule, each site should provide their clients with contacts of their authors because the role of site’s administrators should end when they’ve found appropriate writers. Then you have to get into contact with this writer yourself and maintain that contact until you get a finished essay.

How to order an essay?

First of all, you should fill in an application form which is usually placed on the front page of a site. That application form will require you to fill in such necessary lines as your initials, email, phone number, type of work, the theme of work and subject. After you’ve registered you can ask a site’s manager to find a professional author or you may find him yourself. Then you contact the author directly and discuss with him all important details of your future essay. Remember to maintain contact with a writer throughout the whole work!